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Certainly it is impossible and unnecessary to give all practical materials, which we have collected during our 15-year work in the sphere of breathing normalization by Buteiko's method. It is no need explaining how asthma is connected with breathing. It was published by "Medical Paper" in June 1989 that Buteiko's method gives 100 per cent of results in asthma treating. Our patients successfully combine breathing treatment with sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, polyarthritis, rheumatism, varicose veins and many other chronic diseases, which are incurable by traditional treatment. These are some examples of them.
Shmigel O.I. (born in 1947) had suffered from rheumatism since she was 13. In 1973 she was operated in Kiev because of her mitral stenosis. She was defibrinated three times. Then fibrillation started to bother. Besides chronic antritis, bronchitis, hypertension did not let her live. As a result she was operated twice and was given second group of disablement. On the 14th of October 1997 she started her treatment by Buteiko’s method. Maximum pause was 15-18 seconds. After 2 months of work with breathing she repeated ultrasonic diagnostics. Doctors were embarrassed. According to previous records the woman had chronic inflammatory process of liver, gall-bladder, pancreas, kidneys. At that moment everything was normal except small quantity of salts in kidneys. A question about repeated heart operation became non-actual. Shmigel said: “ When they asked me what I did to have such enormous results I told about my training by Buteiko’s method. They were surprised and asked me again about medicine which I took. I ensured them I did not use anything except mentioned method. Now my MP is 85 seconds and I do not take any pills. My blood pressure is normal. I forget about fibrillation at all. I grew thin in 12 kg and felt as new-born child”

Vozniak P.M. (born in 1926) lost one lung during the Great Patriotic war. He had two cardiac infarctions. Getting older he could not protect himself against chronic bronchitis, asthma, osteochondritis, arthrosis, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and adenoma. He started to train breathing in 1998. His initial MP was 10 seconds. Now it is 120 sec. He informed us recently: " Ever day having just one lung I run 10 times along the stadium and breathe only through my nose".

Yaskaya Ulyana (born in 1970)
was informed after her childbirth in 1994 that she had bad diagnosis. It was disseminated sclerosis. Soon she became hormone dependent and was given second group of disablement. In 1998 she began her treatment by Buteiko's method. Initial maximum pause was 6-8 sec. Her last achievement is 180 sec of MP. Ulyana's words: "I do not walk on crutches. I can go to the forest, gather mushrooms and feel greatly. I love life, which Mykhailo Dmytrovych brought me back.

Skorduli A.I. (born in 1935) had awful diagnosis IHD till 1996. They are hypertensive disease, stenocardia, extrasystoles, chronic bronchitis, osteochondritis. Three-month work with breathing solved all my problems. Initial MP grew from 18 to 155 seconds. Blood pressure decreased from 170/110mm of mercury line till 120/80mm. Arrhythmia disappeared completely

Olijnyk M.D. (born in 1949). During 20years her diagnosis were system sclerodermia affecting all internal organs, low blood pressure. She was operated because of progressing gallstone disease. Starting from the 6th of July, 2000 she began her treatment by Buteiko's method. Initial MP was 30sec. Now it's 90 sec. She feels very well. In 2002 in Morshin spa resort our patient was diagnosed by ultra-sound checkup equipment. She was shocked receiving her medical certificate, which ran: "Instead of remote gall-bladder new small bladder was formed."

Kunchuk Anastasia (born in 1995) suffered from asthma since 1999. On the 19th of January 2001 she started with Mykhailo Dmytrovych her course of treatment. The first maximum pause was 13sec. In 3 (three) months of work on breathing MP increased to 70 sec. For today dreadful antipathic of child's disease disappeared thanks to method of deep breathing volitional liquidation by Buteiko.

Shvets Yulia (born in 1992). Asthma had been progressing since 1996. She underwent medical treatment in hospital very often. When she was in her first grade she usually missed school because of her disease. Teachers insisted of repeated year of education. In 2000 Yulia started her treatment by Buteiko's method. Control pause was just 6 sec. Now girl is 12 years old. She is an excellent pupil. She is healthy. Her CP is always 60 sec. "We thanks to our Lord, Buteiko and Mykhailo Dmytrovych Khrustavka for our healthy daughter"-Yulia's mother repeated during our last meeting.

Aniskovtseva M.V. (born in 1937) suffered from pains in joints nearly 5 years. After 7 sessions of breathing treatment pain disappeared totally. “I was ready to cry: ” People, learn how to breathe!!!”-Maya Aniskovtseva shared. Her maximum pause had increased from 14 sec. to 90 sec.

Voloshchuk G.V. (born in 1980). Diagnosis was asthma since childhood. In 1989 she became an invalid of first group. This year she decided to train her breathing. MP was 6 sec. In 3 months Mp increased to 90 sec. Due to her training with Mykhailo Dmytrovych she does not even remember about her serious disease for this moment.


Yuzhda I.M. (born in 1986). Asthma troubled from birth till the age of 13 years old. Constant hospital visiting and reanimations made him apply for help to Buteiko’s method. Initial MP was 6 sec. In a year of training the result was 500sec. In 1999 asthma had no place in Igor’s life.





All reports and medical certificates of mentioned above patients are saved in the archives of the Center

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